23 February 2010

8th July 1986

This is the date when I arrived in Sweden at Stockholm airport.
I came here with another girl, her name was Soo Mee
and I was Eun Young.
We have kept our names although as a symbol of our Korean herritage-
We still keep in touch but haven´t seen each other in years.
Of what I remember it was nice having her as a friend growing up. Our families met a few times every year. We looked alike.
In the small community where I grew up there wasn't a lot of diversity but there was two other Korean girls and we were all friends and our parents had met through the adoption center.

Don't really know where I'm going with this entry but I found this picture earlier tonight and it just got me thinking about those years growing up.

I'm the one to the left and Maria to the right

02 February 2010


Introducing Kimchi;

He'll move in with me 1 March, can't wait :)

21 January 2010


Today is my 24th birthday.
I wonder if they ever think of me during this day.